Bukas: Exploring Filipino-centric Futures

Updated: Feb 5

On 31 October 2020, Our Founder and Chief Igniter, Ms. Noreen Bautista was one of the speakers of the Bukas: Exploring Filipino-centric Futures webinar.

In this webinar, she talked about her foresight paper entitled “The Future of Filipino Local Innovation Ecosystems: The Case of Iloilo”, which came from the Innovate Iloilo Movement - a public-private innovation launched last year with a vision of making the city and province of Iloilo a premiere Philippine innovation hub by 2030.

She defined term “Innovation” as the creation of new ideas that result in the development of new or improved policies, products, processes, and services (as defined by the Philippine innovation Act, signed last year by the President). Moreover, Ms. Noreen gave us an idea about the potential scenarios of Ecosystem building using the four-quadrant model and what could be the future of a Transformative ecosystem.

She also explained the importance of ecosystem building and shared a scenario about two ten-year-old-kids named Maya and Andres for the purpose of forecasting the year 2030. By year 2030, Maya and Andres would be 20-year-old adults and the innovation ecosystem should be fertile enough to nurture the dreams of these kids.

Now let’s talk about Mr. Tristan Bulandus’ presentation. He started with the question, “How will agile transformation bring forth organizational evolution?” then he proceeded with the explanation of what VUCA is (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) and talked about the shift in mindset about agile leadership. He also added that it’s all about shifting from certainty to discovery, authority to more of being a partner, and the mindset of scarcity into one that looks at abundance.

Moving on with Mr. Rolan Garcia’s presentation, he talked about the future of corporate innovation here in the Philippines. One of the highlights of his talk is about the statement “If corporations don’t disrupt themselves, a startup will”. He firmly believes that prioritizing innovation today is the key to unlocking post-crisis growth and that every organization needs to experiment rapidly to empower the most creative people and to attract entrepreneurial and innovators investors.

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