The Power of Branding Amidst Automation & Industry 4.0

We are entering a new decade into the 2020's. More than ever, the rules of business, government, education and civil society have changed -- fueled by digital technology, automation and the 4th Industrial Revolution (where tech blends with our environment, and even with our own selves).

Furthermore, the entrance of Generation Z in the workplace will bring new challenges and opportunities -- the true digital natives will be able to tap into work not just in their locality, but around the world (as long as they are connected online). And they will be attracted to organizational culture, flexible work, mentoring and leadership in the workplace.

Are you ready to adapt?

This was the premise of the first #SlashIgnite event for the year (and decade) 2020.

Our fellow Ilonggo, creative force of nature, Ric Gindap, was our main speaker. Ric is the Creative Director of Design For Tomorrow gave the talk.

#BusinessPresentation #PublicSpeaking

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