Panublix Launches PPE Project

It's been more than a month since Enhanced Community Quarantine due to COVID19 has been imposed in the Philippines. Our SlashIgnite entrepreneurs have been busy pivoting in response to the pressing challenges of the pandemic. For Panublix, our entrepreneurs launched the Panublix PPE Project (PPP) to activate local seamstresses and tailors (mananahi and sastre) to produce locally made PPE suits for our frontliners.

It has been an interesting ride as we have seen the collective community and industry of Iloilo's textile, fashion and garments industry come together for this challenge. We collaborated with the Iloilo Unified Volunteers, a network of individuals and organizations our local city government.

Designers, tailors, textile suppliers came together to source, procure, deliver, and produce PPEs.

Some designers even showed their creativity by producing these trendy hazmat suits akin to superheroes!

Panublix had a hand in putting data tracking and transparency to this network. As everyone is working in their own abodes, we helped track the logistics deliveries for some groups and made sure that donations, materials and labor is accounted for.

To date, the collective group has produced more than 5,000 PPEs for our hospitals in the city and province of Iloilo.

Panublix was meant to be a sourcing platform for our textile producers and weavers, anchored on the values of transparency and traceability. In the end, this pivot to help with the PPEs confirmed the overarching goal of providing this value.

This value for transparency was influenced by Fashion Revolution, whose advocacy for a more sustainable and transparent fashion supply chain is something we have been espousing as well.

In line with the annual Fashion Revolution Week last April 20-26, 2020, we joined the campaign by highlighting those who made the PPEs.

Currently the team is working on a new minimum viable product to help weavers and tailors continue operations by digitizing the sourcing and supply chain.

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