SlashIgnite 2020 Year in Review

Much has been said about 2020. It's surreally for everyone. Cancelled plans & cashflows placed me and a lot of us at risk. It also made us double down on our SlashIgnite work. That is why the biggest lesson for us in 2020 was that #SlashIgniters are all the more needed in this VUCA decade (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous).

SlashIgnite was founded in 2012 with a mission to harness multidisciplinary ("slash") talent of humans to #IgnitePossibility and solve social challenges. We have always believed that the only constant thing in the world is change. The Philippines back then was on a path of rapid change. But while our country was enjoying record-high GDP growth, we could not turn a blind eye on the equally fast-growing rate of inequality.

The best way that we saw how to bridge this gap is to be innovative value creators (SlashIgniters) who are able to connect multi-disciplines to create enterprising solutions to socio-cultural challenges.

This is why we spent our initial years helping organizations & teams design and build social ventures that address key challenges through business & innovation--from helping innovators create solutions in disaster-stricken areas, to designing social enterprises for upland farmers, to developing SlashIgnite Academy to train young Filipinos with 21st-century skills needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In 2019, we saw the need to focus on our home base of Iloilo, Philippines. This is where we co-developed an innovation ecosystem to sustain and support more social ventures. Hence our involvement in the creation of Innovate Iloilo (, a public-private movement to make the city & province of Iloilo a premiere innovation hub of the Philippines by 2030.

When this game-changing year of 2020 started, we had plans to run social innovation programs with the goal of increasing the pipeline of social innovators in Iloilo, and the rest of Western Visayas. We were disrupted first not by COVID19, but by the Taal Volcano eruption.

Along with COVID-19 pandemic halted all these plans. But also like many, necessity fueled the restlessness to innovate and redesign new plans forward.

We are pleased to let you know that the past months of iterating, collaborating and innovating have indeed ignited many possibilities for our vision & mission.

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At SlashIgnite, we have a saying, “When in doubt, create possibility”. 2020 shook us with a lot of fear, doubt and anxiety. But this gave us all the more fuel to innovate and create paths forward. We aim to enter the new year with the same rigor and resolve -- focused on developing ventures for a better society, creating possibility, while also ensuring each one of us does so with good health & well-being, and in our zones where our inner fire is burning bright.

As always, we are open to your feedback, comments, and suggestions on these plans. We value the opportunity to learn and grow, and we hope to continue the mission with you!

Thank you for being with us on this journey, and we look forward to working with you as we ignite more possibilities!

Madamo gid nga salamat!


Noreen Bautista

Founder & Chief Igniter

SlashIgnite Inc.

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